We own several patents

1.- Patent on partial ham boning system nº 200102436/3.

Jamón deshuesado parcial - Deshuesados Chacon

Although it seems incredible the ham pictured on the photo has had its coccyx and three quarters of its femur bone extracted.
Without performing any cuts or perforations that would affect the product’s presentation, the ham is vaccuum packed and doesn’t lose its idendity while allowing machine slicing.

2.-Patent on a system and a method of total ham boning nº 20050100/2.

Based on a system that makes the boning process easier, making the best use of the piece and enhancing the butcher’s productivity. Together with the coccyx a part of the femur (greater and lesser tochanters) is extracted.

3.-Patent on ham boning machine nº 20050029/4.

 Máquina posicionadora para el deshuesado de jamones y paletillas

Easy to use
Avoids accidents
Machine designed to facilitate the different processes performed on cured ham legs & shoulders such as:

The machine grips the leg or shoulder at the hoof, leaving the rest of the piece free to be worked on. It is possible to turn the piece in any direction as required by the operator, achieving:

De-boning with greater ease
Avoiding uncomfortable positions for the operator
Increased productivity
Simplifies the de-boning learning process
It has a support available to facilitate the de-boning of the coccyx and/or shoulder blade
It also has another accessory, a mechanical gouge, to facilitate separating the flesh from the femur and the humerus.
The operators are less tired and have therefore a better performance
Only one machine required for all the ham processing activities.

4.-Patent on shoulder ham de-boning machine

Machine designed for boning shoulder hams by extracting the shoulder blade.

Máquina para el deshuesado de paletillas

5.-Patent on shoulder blade extraction ring for shoulder hams

Tool that facilitates the extraction of the shoulder blade.

anilla para el deshuesado de paletillas

6.-Patent on a pneumatic gouge nº 20050103/8.

Gubia para el deshuesado de jamones

Fast gouging without effort
Very easy to handle
Measurements: 51 x 11 x 11 cm
Weight:1.7 kg


Descortezadora para jamones y paletillas

Easy use
High productivity
Minimum material loss

Optional cut regulation (on demand)
Best quality/price ratio

More powerful
More silent
Less vibrations
More production
Better quality

Bone-parting tool

Despegahuesos para jamones- jamones deshuesados

Efficient due to its varied uses, for both cured ham legs and shoulders.

Easily extracts coccyx bones, shoulder blades, etc.

Achieving a faster extraction with minimum effort.

Simple, through its manual use.

Light & versatile.

Rigid & robust.

Very practical.

Guaranteed tool

Once tried, you can’t work without it again.